Kids Smoking BedBugs – We Don’t Think So

Recently there was some fake news about kids smoking bed bugs.  It appeared that the television station reporting same, said that it was a joke and that it really wasn’t true.  We don’t think it’s funny.  There are too many horror stories about the drugs that ARE being used to make up things like this.  Colorado is finding that young people are abusing marijuana.  Ya think?

Addiction & Denial

Joanie and Jason back in the studio and talking addiction.  What is denial really?

So often Jason encounters parents and loved ones of addicts who say that there’s nothing they can do because the addict is in denial.  First of all, there is ALWAYS something you can do.  Just reach out to whomever you trust and get help for your loved one.


Happy New Year 2019

Holiday Time can bring joy but can also bring grief. Now is the time to get yourself or your loved one into treatment if there is an addiction problem. There is always the New Year’s resolution to get clean and sober and no matter how vehemently it is made, unless you or your loved one get treatment, the chance of it actually happening are slim to none. Get help now. Get your New Year resolutions coming true. Don’t do nothing. If you do nothing and do not seek help, you may never forgive yourself.

The Worldwide View of Addiction

Jason just came back from LA where he met with people in rehab from Narconon’s across the world.  He also got to see parts of Los Angeles that are rife with homeless and drug addiction.  Also more of our views on the use of methadone and suboxone as solutions.

The Only Regret is Doing Nothing

We’re heading into the holidays.  This is the time of year when some the friends and families of addicts don’t want to “rock the boat” because they think that if they and the addict can just get through the holiday, all will be different.  The wrong thing to do is nothing.  If you know someone who is battling addiction, get help NOW.  And more explanation of an intervention.

Spice is Nice and Pot is Legal

Joanie and Jason talk about the K2 (spice) overdoses in Connecticut – 76 at one park all at virtually the same time.

“More than 70 people overdosed in or around a historic Connecticut park near the Yale University campus on Wednesday after receiving what authorities believe was synthetic marijuana laced with the powerful opioid fentanyl. Although there have been no deaths, at least two people suffered life-threatening symptoms”.

One of the dangers of spice is that you never know what you are actually ingesting.  Instances of rat poison being part of the formula have occurred and this instance involved fentanyl.  And pot is in the air in Florida.  Scary.

Celebrities are People Too

We have spoken many times about the tragedy of the death of some of our most beloved musicians, actors, sports figures and other artists due to drug addiction and ultimately overdose.  This episode is an interview with Fabian Padro and Sam Hobson who run the Narconon facility in Ojai which is focused on providing the Narconon program to celebrities and other prominent figures.  It is set up to cater to their needs in terms of privacy and security and thus fulfills a need in this arena.

State of the Addiction Union

More and more we are hearing of celebrities and artists who are overdosing with the most recent being Demi Lovato.  More attention needs to be put on the addiction epidemic across the world but especially in the US.  The US is one of the only countries – if not THE ONLY company – that allows drug companies to advertise drugs to the consumer via mass media ads.  Sickening.

When Rehabs Fail Then What?

In this episode Jason recounts the story of a family whose daughter had been through several 12-step programs and once again had disappeared into the dark hole of addiction.  Jason was able to give the parents hope and help for the daughter and another chance.  The road to being sober is not always easy.

Guilt vs. Responsibility – What Did I do Wrong?

When friends and family members find out that a loved one is addicted, often – especially with parents – the first reaction is:  What did I do wrong?  Parents feel like they somehow failed their child or a wife thinks she failed her husband.  That’s guilt and all it does is slow the process of getting help for the addict.  There’s a difference between guilt and responsibility and it needs to be understood.