The Addiction Podcast

Barbie Rivera – Pay Me $5K to Drug My Students?

About 29 years ago, a public school teacher told Barbie Rivera that her 6 year old son had a mental disorder and she needed to put him on a mind altering drug – Ritalin.  Barbie thought that was nutty as her son was very bright, normal and already bilingual. She started home schooling him now has her own school – called HELP Miami.  Her story of how the drug companies offered to pay her $5K every year for every student she will recommend for medication is horrific.

Dan Zsido – Vaping – Not As Safe as You Think

Dan Zsido has had 15 years of narcotics investigative experience with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. He established and supervised the the Strategic Diversion Task Force investigating pharmaceutical crimes, doctor shopping, fraud, trafficking and more.

His current presentations and training target the dangers of “vaping”, especially in the teen population, the e-cigarette delivery systems and the current and potential delivery of THC and other drugs through these new devices.

A podcast listener wrote a song about addiction and we said we’d give it some air time. It’s at the end of this podcast. By Melanie Tolbert – “Addiction Salvation” is at

Erin’s Story – That No Mother Should Endure

Erin’s story is horrific for any mom to deal with.  Not only did she lose her beloved son to a heroin overdose but when she started a foundation to spread his story in the hopes of helping others, she was arrested.

Here is the tragic story of a young man with a very bright future in hockey who overdosed after being prescribed opiates.  Here is also the story of a mother who doesn’t want any other mother to have to experience what she went through.

Justin’s Struggle -Ten Rehabs and Finally a Happy Life

Justin’s struggle with addiction is not so different from other former addict’s stories and yet, it has some significant differences. He started on drugs, alcohol and Adderall when he was young and in school, and ended up on heroin and methamphetamine.  He’s story includes his attempts to recover, but after 10 different rehab programs, it didn’t happen for him. Finally he tried a holistic route at Narconon Suncoast, and now he is clean and sober – and happy to be alive and helping others. He tells his story to give hope to others who want to change their lives. His successful action? Never give up.

Jennifer Gimenez – From Super Model & Movie Star to Addict and Back

Jennifer Gimenez had it all. She was a beautiful lady of Argentinian descent who became a model and graced the cover of the top fashion magazines and was the youngest model to grace the cover of American Elle. She also appeared in campaigns for Calvin Klein and Guess.

She has appeared in music videos for Tupac Shakur, Babyface and Mick Jagger, in films such as Blow, Vanilla Sky, and Charlie’s Angels:  and on TV shows such as The Bold and the Beautiful and Karen Sisco. She ranked 77 on Maxim magazine’s 2001 Hot 100 list. She has also been featured on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as a “friend” of full-time cast member Brandi Granville.

Then she found alcohol and cocaine and her life spiraled out of control. Jenn has now been clean and sober for over 13 years,is helping others, and hopes that her story will inspire others to get help and get clean and get back to a happy life like she has now. She is a rare artist who uses her star power to promote a positive message in the hopes of spreading the message to others. A message that saves lives.

Her story is a must listen.

Tim Ryan – From Tragedy to Redemption and Hope

Tim Ryan has been a huge success in business. He’s made millions. But drugs and alcohol took everything away from him – his money, his companies, his marriage and even his son. How do you come back from that? With faith and a belief in himself and effective action. A nationally renown speaker, his work was the subject of the A&E TV series “Dope Man”. and has been featured in many publications, podcasts and television shows including the Chicago Tribune, Newsweek, The Steve Harvey Show and Dr. Drew’s podcast.
Tim struggled with addiction for 30 years. At the age of 32, he first used heroin and quickly slid into spending a substantial amount of money on illicit opioids. He used a variety of drugs including alcohol, cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana. He later got divorced, lost his home and a son to addiction. According to him, during his years of drug abuse, he suffered two heart attacks, eight overdoses, was held in more than 20 county jails on drug and alcohol-related charges, and was pronounced clinically dead on three occasions.
Following the death of his son, Ryan founded A Man in Recovery Foundation (AMIRF), a nonprofit anti-addiction organization. Under Ryan’s leadership, AMIRF sponsors recovery and support groups for drug addicts and their families.

From Addict to Entrepreneur to Philanthropist – Michael Dash

There are many kinds of addiction. Our guest on this episode was addicted not only to cocaine and Adderall but also gambling. He has always been a successful entrepreneur but for him that came with the cost of addiction. Now clean and sober – largely through his own efforts, he is giving back to leaders and through raising money for charity and his philanthropy. This is Michael Dash’s story.

Michael brings a heavy dose of motivation embedded in a message of hope for those looking to make a difference in their life’s work and the world. His book, “Chasing the High”, details his journey to the edge.

Pastor Michael Carter and His Message of Hope

Pastor Michael Carter began his journey into addiction at the tender age of 6 where he saw that those who used drugs had money, power and influence.  He snorted heroin at age 9 and his drug use continued from there.  Finally reaching his “Point of No Return” in his 20s, he got clean and sober and now helps others through Victor Newman Ministries – a non-profit group founded by himself and his wife, Yvette.  Together, they nourish not only the bodies of individuals but also the souls through their faith.

Kids Smoking BedBugs – We Don’t Think So

Recently there was some fake news about kids smoking bed bugs.  It appeared that the television station reporting same, said that it was a joke and that it really wasn’t true.  We don’t think it’s funny.  There are too many horror stories about the drugs that ARE being used to make up things like this.  Colorado is finding that young people are abusing marijuana.  Ya think?

Pastor Basha Jordan – The Hope Doctor

Dr. Basha Jordan has been a pastor for decades. But more importantly, he is known as The Hope Doctor.  Why? He himself has been challenged and is a former addict who has been in recovery for years.  So he’s “been there and done” that and uses his experiences to deliver hope to individuals and loved ones trying to deal with addiction. His book “The Pipe and the Pulpit” is an impactful story of denial, family challenges and ultimately success. This is his story.