Stephen Donnelly’s drug use started – as with so many – when he was a teenager.

However, later in life, when Stephen answered God’s call and become an ordained priest in the Roman Catholic church, his drug use continued. Fueled by guilt, it took years to confront his addiction. He’s been sober for 18 years and has chronicled his story in the book – “A Saint and a Sinner”, co-authored by Diane O’Bryan. This is an intense story of devotion, addiction and redemption.

After six years of arduous study, was ordained a Roman Catholic priest and spent two decades as a spiritual leader and beloved priest. In his memoir, A Saint and a Sinner, Stephen takes the reader behind the curtain of the mighty and mysterious Catholic Church as he recounts his relationships with God, the faithful, bishops, and the institution. Stephen was named ‘Man of the Year in Religion,’ hosted the ‘Fallen on Long Island’ drug, was named Grand Marshall, and won ‘The Peter Sweissgood Award.’ He celebrated eighteen years sobriety and is active in Alcoholics Anonymous’ Twelve Step Program inspiring others to live a sober life.