Robert is a successful entrepreneur and childhood sexual abuse survivor.  Straddling the line between poor and destitute, Robert was raised by a single mother in a failing steel town.  Robert wrote his book – “Before I Leave You” – as a final message, fully intending to end his life after writing it.  However, he’s now married with a child and living life to it’s fullest.  It can be done.

When  began writing this book, he did so with the intention of ending his life once the book was finished. Robert was in the midst of a five-year suicidal drug and alcohol binge that began after the sudden resurfacing of a buried memory from when he was eight years old. Robert turned to writing, determined to chronicle his life before and after the violent encounter that shattered his reality.

As his life inched back toward normalcy, Robert found new reasons to keep writing. After a series of small steps forward, and a few steps back, Robert found his way to sobriety. He regained his health and began to treat himself and everyone around him with love and kindness.

Today, Robert enjoys a life filled with gratitude and joy he thought he’d never live to see. In Before I Leave You, he shares his real and raw account of how he clawed his way back from the brink, forgave himself, and wrote a new ending to his story.

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