We titled this podcast as Janet being a champion for newborns. This is because she worked as a neonatal nurse and had to treat newborns born addicted to drugs in an ever increasing number with the opioid addiction epidemic being in full swing. However, with the death of a friend’s son due to overdose, her campaign became all about pill mills and legal distribution of deadly drugs.

Her book and her organization are called STOPP Now. http://stoppnow.com/

The book STOPPNow (Stop the Organized Pill Pushers)  is a chilling first hand-account of the horrors of the opiate epidemic told by a neonatal intensive care nurse caring for babies born into addiction. Living in any community in the U.S. the effect of the opiate epidemic is felt. Broward County Florida where the author lives and worked is the epicenter of the opiate epidemic for our nation. The deaths continue to escalate. Through research Colbert discovered the world of corruption and greed which is revealed along with the elicit players in the book STOPPNow