Philip Markoff is an online influencer and thought leader on addiction education; he is known as his alias “CG Kid” and obtained a large audience primarily on YouTube as a vlogger and journalist. He has his own story of addiction and recovery and uses that to educate others, those in addiction or family and friends so that they can take steps to recovery. Learn more about addiction, recovery, subjective reactions to various substances from CG Kid’s wealth of content.

Markoff  has used a combination of knowledge, frankness, and empathy to gain a considerable following of more than 42,000 YouTube subscribers, but he now plans to to shift his online video presence to his personal website. The reasoning behind his move will sound familiar to anyone who has been paying attention to YouTube over the past year or so: Thanks to its references to drugs, the CG Kid channel has dealt with multiple automated content strikes from the video site, putting it in danger of termination.

Markoff, who spent several years hooked on various drugs before coming clean, often discusses his under-the-influence experiences, in order to better educate his viewers on the effects of drugs and addiction.  Markoff shares experiences with addiction and recovery to further educate the public and to give hope that sobriety is possible to those struggling.