Melissa Bond is author of an upcoming memoir about her unintentional addiction to the Ativan her doctor prescribed for insomnia. Melissa was prescribed Ativan for pathological insomnia she experienced after the birth of her second child. Her doctor assured her it was safe and within 6 months had tripled her dose to 6 milligrams, all to be taken nightly. Within a year, her ribs stuck out like railroad ties and she couldn’t walk a straight line. Soon she couldn’t read or even write. She realized the depth of her physical dependency the night she fell holding her daughter. That was her point of no return. She knew she had to get off the Ativan or she would very likely die before her children were in kindergarten.

Daughter of addicts (her mother went into rehab when she was 17,  Melissa spent the past four years completing a memoir about her experience. The book,also speaks to the broader topic of our culture’s addiction narrative. During her year-long withdrawal, ABC World Wide with Diane Sawyer interviewed her and her goal is to clear up the misinformation about this drug and considers it the work of a lifetime.