Running a rehab center might not be first and foremost on your list of professions to pursue. However, Fabian Padro – with a background of entrepreneurship and business – became the Executive Director of  Narconon Ojai, the most exclusive Narconon in the world. This unique rehab has a completely drug free withdrawal, supported with large doses of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to get the body stable. Their program includes the only ‘new life detox’ that sweats the residual drugs out of the body. Fabian is dedicated to helping individuals get clean and sober and how this can be achieved for good.

For nearly 50 years, Narconon has saved those who were thought lost to substance abuse forever. Week by week. Year by year. Our success is measured in our ever-growing number of graduates who now lead new lives free from drugs.

Many who come to Narconon have been through other drug rehab programs before with no lasting success. Our program is unique. Narconon uses a series of techniques found nowhere else to help addicts overcome drug and alcohol dependencies and their damaging effects. This is done naturally—there are no substitute drugs in the Narconon program.  Narconon addresses the causes of addiction—to get at what drove a person to drugs in the first place.  The goal is a drug-free life.

The Narconon program starts with drug-free withdrawal.  For each student, a personal Withdrawal Specialist is on hand to assist. They use nutrition and special techniques that ease discomfort and painful symptoms.  After withdrawal, the beginnings of a new and better life take hold.

New Life Detoxification is based on L. Ron Hubbard’s breakthrough discovery that LSD residues appeared to remain trapped in the body, mainly in the fatty tissues, long after a person had stopped taking the drug. This explained why someone who had used LSD in the past could suddenly reactivate a “trip” even years later. Further research revealed that many other toxic substances could also remain in the body, producing negative effects for years to come. The New Life Detoxification is a combination of exercise, sweating in a dry-heat sauna and a carefully monitored regimen of hydration and nutrition. The procedures break up and flush out the toxic residues that remain in the body—even after the person has stopped taking drugs.

The Narconon program includes unique exercises called objectives to help bring a person’s attention off the past and into the present.  Becoming stable in present time is a very important factor in drug rehabilitation. A person’s attention can be stuck in literally thousands of different past moments. His behavior and attitudes are influenced by such past experiences. With so much attention on his past, he has little or no attention left for the here and now.  The purpose of objectives is to bring the person out of the past and into present time—ready and able to face life without resorting to drugs.

Once the drug cravings have been kicked for good and the physical side of addiction eliminated, it’s time to address the reasons a person turned to drugs in the first place.  It’s done through practical coursework to instill the life skills an individual needs to succeed. These are skills that people struggling with substance abuse have often lost sight of—or never had.  Effective practice and learning leads to stability and a return of personal values. Just as important, these courses help a person develop the self-control and personal backbone necessary to maintain a drug-free life.