Michael Deleon is an ex-offender and former addict and gang member. After 12 years in prison he finally had his “point of no return”, and he became determined to ensure that no other child in America “turned out like me”.  He has since presented drug education and prevention in all 50 states in over 700 schools throughout the US in 2019 alone. He is the leading booked presenter to schools in the U.S. His most recent presentations have expanded to prisons across the U.S. and more.

Michael is on a mission to educate youth and parents on the dangers of drugs. In this interview he takes a deep look into what he does and his views on the dangers of vaping. His organization at www.steeredstraight.org which he founded in 2000 is the vehicle he uses to carry out his passion and what he considers his purpose in life. See also on Youtube: bit.ly/MDeleon